Visualization is Powerful

Did you know that some of the most successful athletes, actors, singers and business people say that visualization is key to their success?

Your thoughts create your feelings.

Your feelings create your actions.

Your actions create your reality.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

~ Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist, developer of the general theory of relativity.

Before he was famous, Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 for “Acting services rendered” and kept it in his wallet. He would visualize every single night having directors interested in him and people he respected saying “I like your work.”

~ Jim Carrey, A-list actor, comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, and film producer

"I was taught by my grandfather that anything that your mind can conceive, you can have. It's a reality."

~ Lenny Kravitz, Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter

"Before the (Olympic) trials I was doing a lot of relaxation exercises and visualization. And I think that that helped me to get a feel of what it was gonna be like when I got there. I knew that I had done everything that I could to get ready for that meet, both physically and mentally."

~Michael Phelps, Gold Olympic Medalist

"All successful people, men and women, are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose."

~ Brian Tracy,  top selling author of 55 books in personal, professional and business development

Affirm Your Success! 

“I love taking care of my needs and enjoy the balance I have created in my life.”

What the mind can conceive
and believe, it can achieve!
~ Napoleon Hill

Visualize Your Desires!

“I love that I earn enough passive income to travel whenever I want…
to work whenever I want…”

Everything in your world
is created by what you think!
~ Oprah Winfrey

The more times you choose to think positive thoughts that make you feel good and raise your vibration, the faster you will create your ideal life!

Think of all the times you can influence your day!

You DO NOT have to make time to listen!

Turn your normal every day activities into exciting, powerful, motivational periods!

With the Vision Guider, you can quickly and easily create inspiring, motivating MP3s and CDs of YOUR Ideal LiveVision, affirmations, visualizations, guided meditations, and declarations to allow subconscious imprinting.

Create Your Ideal LifeVision in 4 easy steps…

1. Record your voice,

2. Choose your music,

3. Combine voice with music,

4. Create your CD or MP3.

What can you create with the Vision Guider?

  • First and foremost, you can create your Ideal LifeVision (for more details about this program, CLICK HERE)

  • Create personalized affirmations, visualizations, or guided meditations

  • Record all of the things you are grateful for

  • A recording for your kids of you reading their favorite story (even add background music)

  • Send a romantic recording to your sweetheart

  • Make a special recording for your friends and loved ones in your life

  • Create a funny voicemail message

  • Audio homework

  • Personalized recording to include with your Will and Testament, or a recording to be played as your eulogy

  • Record your own audio book complete with inspiring music

  • Anything your imagination can dream up…

“You have the power to heal your life.
We think that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds.
Claim & consciously use your power.”
~ Louise Hay

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