I love this product! It instantly gives the average person a cost-effective way to combine personalized background music with their own affirmations and visions of their ideal life and create a CD or MP3 file for their ipod or MP3 player. Then you can listen to your affirmations every day and burn them deeply into your subconscious mind. This assures an accelerated achievement of your goals!

Jack Canfield

Co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul," "The Success Principles TM: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be," and "The Power of Focus" | Jackcanfield.com

You want at nonconscious level….I do as much as possible to get into this nonconscious mind. And so I am willing to invest as much time and as much money as necessary to get my brain wired properly. And the best way I’ve known is to do this is to go through the creative bombardment. To do it from a variety of different angles including auditory … I am going to give you a website to go to…to actually take your affirmations and vision and to put it on MP3 or CD is www.GotVision.com …it is very inexpensive…it will get you by with what you need instead of you fumbling around trying to figure out how to do it.

      John Assaraf
John Assaraf

Author of "The Secret" | Teacher, CEO and Co-founder of OneCoach, Inc.

Mark-Victor-HansenHi, this is Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul, The One-Minute Millionaire, & Cracking the Millionaire Code book series, and what I want to tell you is that the Vision Guider will help you guide your meditations (visualizations) in any direction your heart desires, so you can get from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest possible time. It is going to be wonderful for you, and the future you’re going to create. Congratulations in advance!

      Mark Victor Hansen
Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Series

I love the Vision Guider software. It is easy to use; the interface is very intuitive and well thought out. I was able to start making MP3s immediately. As an author, I find the program very valuable on a couple of levels. First, being able to create empowering messages for myself is a fantastic way to refocus my energy in very positive ways. Second, I am easily able to create voice recordings for my website and really appreciate that my visitors can now hear my voice and make a different type of connection with me. Thank you for this wonderful software. I highly recommend it!

Greg Kuhn

The Law of Attraction Science Guy | WhyQuantumPhysicists.com

This product is truly unique.
It puts me right where I need to be,
In The Zone that is!

Nordine Zouareg

Internationally Acclaimed Fitness Coach, Speaker & Author of the book, "Mind Over Body" Mr. France, Mr. Europe, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe

With all the new products on the market for making CD’s, affirmations and recordings, Got Vision is by far the best product we have used and which we tell all our graduates about. It has to be the easiest product of its kind to use on the market. I and my students love Got Vision. You offer a great service at a great price – adding value to experience.

Matt Ferguson

Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and Motivational Speaker | MotivationTraining.co.uk

Hi, I am Robert Colt of Whole Coaching, and I am very thrilled to recommend a beautiful product that I am using with my clients, its called theVision Guider from Got Vision… it’s an affirmation software program, which you combine music with affirmations. And what I love is that it has increased the results of my clients exponentially.
It’s joyful, it’s profound, and it’s a very powerful way to access the non-conscious mind where real change happens. And the results of my clients since using it, has actually sky rocketed the results their getting and they love doing it.
And that’s a big key, I find you want to affect change in way that brings you joy and playfulness, while at the same time brings more and more commitment and that is what this product does and as a coach I couldn’t ask for more.

      Robert Colt Hansen
Robert Colt

Owner of Acting Success Now, Whole Coaching

I have been working as a practitioner for ten years, eight of those years have been with cancer patients.
In this time I have found that the single most powerful and important thing people can work with to change anything in their lives is the MIND.
The challenge with this is that many do not know which tools to use let alone have the dicipline to use them consistanly enough to get results. The Vision Guider has largely eliminated this challenge by providing a simple to use downloadable software which can be used by anyone to create the future they would truly like. There are no limits to what a person can achieve with this!

Mark Elliott

Holistic Practitioner, Public Speaker & Author

When you record your own affirmations, your subconscious mind instantly recognizes the authenticity and authority of your own voice and immediately goes to work on your behalf to carry out your commands.
This delightful recording program makes this easy and fun to do. It gives you a practical way of raising your energy and vitality in a matter of minutes.

Anne Marshall

Vitality Coach & Consultant

Even More Reviews!

I’m a former professional musician and an internet marketer, and I’ve recorded three albums of original music in my home studio and I’m also a technical person. When I see a piece of software that lets me record a piece of music and sound in a very non-techy way its very inspiring because other people can do it at a fraction of the cost and also at about a fraction of the time required to learn the new pieces of software. So, the Got Vision software is fantastic for recording your own affirmations, its very easy and I recommend it to everyone.

      Greg Poulos
Greg Poulos

Holistic Practitioner, Public Speaker & Author

Hi my name is Rich, I’m a certified trainer of neuro-linguistic programming and timeline therapy. I just want to acknowledge that affirmations are very, very powerful tool for quick effective change of old habits and negative emotions and so on.
However, the only way to really, really make them effective to make pervasive change quickly is to use a system like the VIsion Guider, where you can actually customize them to yourselves to your specific needs and wants at that particular moment. Not to mention the ability to be able to combine music to the background to make it especially effective and soothing your subconscious mind as well as your conscious mind. I recommend it to anybody who wants to make quick and easy changes in their lifestyle.

      Rich Van Iderstine
Rich Van Iderstine

Certified NLP Trainer, Timeline Therapy

Hello this is Dr. Linne Bourget, author of What You Say is What You Get: The Secret Language of Great Business Results, and I am here to tell you that this product, Got Vision will support your life in ways way beyond what you can imagine, and I know that because I have used visualization and affirmation for twenty-five years and both of them have transformed my life… And this product, which allows you to record in your own voice, gives you even greater power because when you hear things in your own voice, your visualizations and affirmations have greater power because your soul is speaking to your soul, and there is no deeper connection than that on the planet.
So, when you record things in your own voice and play them at different times of day, morning, night, when youre doing other kinds of tasks, they come into you far more deeply, and they program your subconscious far more positively, and powerfully than if you only listened to somebody else who you dont know, someone elses voice that you have no personal connection with recording your affirmations. So, this is the most powerful technology out there, and what we know is that positive affirmations and positive visualizations literally can transform your life … and affirmations and visualizations were a big part of what I had done to transform myself … All of these things are available to you by using this technology …
All you need to do is ramp up your affirmations and visualizations to where you are listening to them and doing them all day every day and you can accelerate that progress and reprogram yourself much faster, you dont need ten years to come back to centre.

      Dr. Linne Bourget@Bourget
Matt Ferguson

Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and Motivational Speaker | MotivationTraining.co.uk

Hi this is Heshie, and I have to tell you I have a friend named Rhonda, who is absolutely the most awesome person because she has developed a system that allows us to getup in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, the night, whether were going to bed, whether were getting up, whatever were doing we can stop and take a few moments to actually visualize over and over again what it is we want with our lives, and it is awesome! If you even think about caring about your future and visualizing what it is that you want to do, you need to be on this system, now!

      Heshie Segal Hansen
Heshie Segal

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach and Writer | JetNettingConnection.com

Hi this is Brandon Barnon with Giving Globally, and when I think about the power of visualization and what its meant to Giving Globally, the non-profit organization, it takes me back to when we first started casting the vision for the organization and asking the question, what would it take to empower, inspire and uplift the lives of every person on the planet? Well thats a huge question, and for a question of that magnitude you really have to continually ask it over and over again because the universe starts bringing possibilities and people into your life to help bring that vision into reality and really the vision that came out of that was the organization that we are creating with Giving Globally, and really creating a collaboration community where people around the world come together to exchange energies and ideas and people can meet and share their passions and find out about great opportunities to give more and the power of visualization is so important that I really recommend to not only our board members but to everybody involved in the organization that they take a look at visualization tools like Got Vision because they are so important in strengthening the vision on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. The compounding factor that happens as you continually reprogram both your conscious and your subconscious on what your vision for your life is really all about is probably the most powerful single thing you can actually do to start to create that vision and take that vision into action. So I would absolutely recommend that you take a look at Got Vision, and whether you use this tool or another you need to absolutely use a vision creation tool like this because it will take your vision to the next level and help you to really maximize the creation and cut down the time it takes to take that vision and create the reality that youre dreaming.

      Brandon Barnum
Brandon Barnum

Founder of Giving Globally

… and Even MORE Reviews!

“This is a wonderful product. It is pretty easy to figure everything out so I don’t have any comments of improvements. It is amazing to be able to make your own voice affirmation for the price. There were other programs on the market for much higher prices which I could never afford so thank you for making this available.”
~ Donna McKay, Ontario, Canada

“The Vision Guider was super easy and quick to use. There were no screens or buttons that I found confusing or hard to understand! To be honest I didn’t even look at the guide for any steps. I just pushed the buttons and literally had no problems!!”
~ Kristi Nay, Colorado, USA

“The vision guider is an excellent product which despite being technically very simple yields a professional quality. Your help section is also very well written”
~ Carol Pratt, Morayshire, United Kingdom

“I am not a tech savvy person and I could use the Vision Guider so easily. It works Great for my purposes. Love the product.”
~ Rebecca Browning, Texas, USA

“It was very easy and quick to use. I am very pleased. Outstanding product, better than I expected. I really like that I can make multiple files of the same affirmations, each with different background music. “
~ Chris Phelan, New York, USA

“I love the Vision Guider program! I found out about it from Ann Webb. I used it to make my Ideal Life Vision. It was so easy to use and the recording seemed to be top quality! I have recommended it to many friends and business partners.”
~Tara Kinser Utah, USA

“I love this product. I have only completed my first CD which is a song about being the relationship of my dreams. I have only had 2 days with it and its amazing how confident I feel about this happening for me in the days to come. This product is awesome thanks to you and your team.”
~ Damon Wesley, Ontario, Canada

“I absolutely love Vision Guider. I wanted to record some readings, goal visualizations, etc. and put them to music. I first tried playing music on my computer while using a voice recorder to record both my voice and music at the same time. HORRIBLE results. Then I found Vision Guider and everything was so EASY! Speak and record, Save. Oh, and if you make a mistake, you can go back to the part of the recording where you made the mistake, and start over FROM THAT POINT! YOU DON’T HAVE TO START OVER! Fabulous! Then, just Select music you love, and merge the two. Love, Love, love it! So much easier than any other options I considered. I love that you can record your voice once and then select various music options to suit your mood! Customer service (on the rare occasion I needed it, ) was wonderful! You will not find better folks to work with. Everything was easy and the directions were clear. Get it! You will be thrilled that you did!”
~ Mary Beth Johnson, RN, New York, USA

“I used VG to put music to my life vision. I recorded several different versions so I can listen to the one that speaks most to me that day. This tool is so easy to use and made my life vision project fast, easy and simple to do. It so affordable and has lots of great music choices to select from.”
~ Dawniel Barbour, Missouri, USA

“I have loved the Vision Guider. I found it easy to download and very easy to understand and use. I am very thankful for how simple it was and how it produced such a professional product, especially since I struggle with technology! I thought the directions were great. Overall – great product and would highly recommend.”
~ Sheri Engstrom-Rickard, Colorado, USA

“I LOVE the Vision Guider! This program is easy to use, quick and very helpful. I didn’t have to read any instructions, just open the program and get to work. It is very intuitive. There is nothing that I would change about it. You made recording my Vision a breeze. Thank you!”
~ Katie Vrajich, California, USA

“This is a useful tool, affordable and does the job very well. I particularly liked the way it burned CD’s quite fast. Creating MP3s takes longer but the results are good enough. Highly recommended!”
~ JD Stephens, London, United Kingdom

“I like your software vision guider and I use the recordings almost daily.”
~ James Ure, California, USA

“The Vision Guider is an amazing tool! I found it very easy to navigate, record, choose music and combine the music and recording. If you need to record your vision or anything else and want to attach music to it, you can’t do it any easier than using the Vision Guider.”
~ Lisa Kneller, Arizona, USA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Vision Guider! I have songs with my affirmations loaded on my Ipod and on my office computer. All day long I listen to my affirmations as I do my work. Nothing could be easier to use! Thank you for creating such a great product!”
~ Nana Hinsley, California, USA

“Yes, I have had the opportunity to use the Vision Guider and have made my first CD. This system is very quick and easy to use, especially given the fact that I’m not very adept at new technologies. The system was self-explanatory, and worked perfectly with the first recording. There was a good selection of music, more than I would ever use. Thanks for providing this wonderful service!”
~ Denae Huber, Idaho, USA

“I am the most un-technical person you will ever meet, and even I could use it! I think it is a superb product and the first time I have ever been able to work something out on the computer by myself! Vision Guider is a well designed, easy to use product which I would highly recommend to fellow hypnotherapists who wish to make recordings for their clients.”
~ Wendy Wilson, Kent, United Kingdom

“I have just made my recording and haven’t had the opportunity to listen to it much yet, but I can tell that it is going to be very helpful. I love the ease of using the program, and love the way my voice sounds with the music behind it. Thank you for making this so much easier than it could have been!”
~ Cheryl Northrup, Utah, USA

“I am delighted with the Vision Guider and listen to my self made CD affirmation & visualization CD twice a day. I tell others about it and have become an affiliate-sending info to any who ask after they hear me talking about how great the product is. I know it will help others reach their full potential and goals, as it has helped me.”
~ Mary McCauley, Franklin, TN, USA

“I am so excited to use your product and to share it with all my friends and clients Ill certainly send a lot your way! Thank you so much for creating it.”
~ Jennifer Sage, Colorado, USA

“I am more than happy with my Got Vision, and I have recorded 2 CDs to date. I found it to be one of the most valuable tools I have ever used in my visualization processes. It was user friendly, totally self explanatory and (this is the best part) FUN! At this point, I can’t think of anything I’d add or needed that wasnt already there. The music selection was wonderful too. Thanks for your vision, it’s making my vision a reality.”
~ Sierra Swinson, Wyoming, USA

“I like the Vision Guider. I think that it is very simple and easy to use. I am extremely happy with your helpline.”
~ Susan Scallan, United Kingdom,

“It was very easy and quick to use. I am very pleased. Outstanding product, better than I expected. I really like that I can make multiple files of the same affirmations, each with different background music. “
~ Chris Phelan, New York, USA

“Very easy to install and quickly mastered how to use it. It all seemed fairly straight forward after only a few minutes of playing with it. (The Vision Guider) has all the basics that I needed. Although I have used some of your music I have had to purchase royalty free music as I need to make recordings for my clients. Great value for money – thanks.”
~ Nigel Woollaston, United Kingdom

“I love your software easy to use and works well I have my 5 yr old and 3 yr old boys using it for their affirmations (things like I can do anything, I am a great reader etc) they love to hear their voices and the great music you provide. Thanks a lot and well done.”
~ Mark Ames, Queensland, Australia

“Fantastic product and excellent customer relations. Keep up the great work!! “
~ Vanessa Turnbull, Ontario, Canada

“I purchased Vision Guider a month ago, and it has already had a dramatic effect on my life. The biggest gift is having the calm, clear vision of who I am. So much stress, trauma, and worry dissipate if your perspective is from a strong foundation. Recording my affirmations, in my own voice, set to music, has been the biggest step forward in “rewiring” my brain. Thank you all at Got Vision for making it so easy.”
~ Kate Leary, Mortgage Advisor, Texas, USA

“I’m just so impressed with your software. I’m 25 years old and am pretty ‘computer literate,’ however your software is so quick, easy and simple! I’ve been using your software for almost 8 months now and completely love it! It’s so simple to use and in a matter of minutes I have my affirmations on my ipod. Thank you so much for creating a user friendly program. It’s a beautiful thing when you understand and apply Universal principles. It works so fast. So thank you to both of you for helping me install my new positive beliefs that I can achieve anything. Your software has played and continues to play a huge role in my continued evolution and growth. I just wanted to say thanks to both of you for developing such a great system. It has really saved me a ton of time.”
~ Ryan Yokome, British Columbia, Canada

“I have been using the Vision Guider from GotVision.com. I really love playing the visions of my life over and over in a given day. If I dont hear the visions I feel something missing on that particular day. I must thank you for this wonderful product. Thanks a lot.”
~ Shankar Lal M Patel, TAMIL NADU, India

“I am thoroughly enjoying my Got Vision program and keep using it for myself as I reach goals and set new ones. I’ve also used the program to make my own hypnosis CD’s. You can attract your ideal loving relationship. Create the life of your dreams. Create new beliefs, thoughts and actions by listening to your affirmations and vision for your new relationship and your life.”
~ Rosemary Heenan, Certified Integrative Coach Professional, Ontario, Canada

“I like your software vision guider and I use the recordings almost daily.”
~ James Ure, California, USA

“I am doing amazing! Just got certified through Ann Webb as a Life Vision Coach. Your program is easy to use and understand. My life is moving at warp speed! Will be using your Got Vision with my clients as well! Thank you!”
~ Judee Guay, Colorado, USA

“I love this product. It’s very easy to make the mp3 so that I can put it on my ipod and listen to it during the night. Thanks!”
~ Danielle Granquist, Colorado, USA

“I have found Vision Guider to be a very easy program to use, extremely user friendly. As I am not schooled in the use of my computer, whatever I do use needs to be simple and foolproof. Guess what ……it is. I have been able to make a fantastic Vision CD, an Affirmation CD, a specific Goal CD, a Meditation CD and my magnificient Granddaughter has been able to put together a very special message for her Mummy who is sick. We intend to use the program for personal messages to all her other family members at Xmas time and a very special compilation of bits and pieces to thank all those who have helped see this little Angel through a very tough year. So you see, not only have I used it for what it was intended to be used for but I have come up with more creative ideas to add value to the Program. I am looking forward to making more specific CD’s using different background music selections. Thanks once again for your great product and I wish you the very best of Health, Wealth and Happiness.”
~ Marylyn Broomhall, Victoria, Australia

“Your program is very easy to use. I was able to record quickly and easily. I would certainly recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their lives.”
~ Ken Karakas Ontario, Canada

… and Still MORE Reviews!

“It is extremely easy to use (coming from a computer illiterate person). Thanks again for your uncomplicated, speedy and helpful service.”
~ Maureen Barratt, Glasgow, UK

“Thank you for having a great product!! I originally bought The Vision Guider to make an affirmations CD for my children with a background of the Delta dream waves. Now I want to make a CD for myself! The product is so easy to use. Dont hesitate to purchase this. You wont find a better deal.”
~ Linda Blaylock,  Minnesota, USA

“I have been enjoying the inspirational and motivational quotes that I receive daily from GotVision.com I also have used the Vision Guider to record positive messages for myself and my children. It is an incredibly easy program to create personalized affirmation CDs to help maintain a positive mental attitude.”
~ Dr. Jean SmithWooley, Missouri, USA Psychiatrist

This is a great tool for giving a gift to your grandchildren and something that can be inspirational, inspiring and offer them great affirmations. The music plus the words can instill a pure sense of wholeness. You can instill a sense of pride, joy, invoke their creative response, and enhance their intelligence. I mean, just think of all the things you can tell a grandchild and you can put music to that and they can play it any time whether youre there or not, and how you can inspire them.
So, I think this is a great tool to use for a grandchild, its a great tool to use for myself or my spouse, to create a CD for my spouse to play for herself anytime, especially if Im gone or on a trip, and for myself to be able to relax at night when I go to sleep or in the morning first thing when I get up. Fabulous tool, great tool, thanks for creating it. Delighted that you did it!
I found the Got Vision software very smooth and easy to use. It was very intuitive and anybody who is trying to put together visualization or an imagery program for themselves, this is really a great way to do it!”
~ Scott Campbell Seminar Speaker

“I absolutely love Vision Guider. I record my affirmations and put them to music and listen to them frequently each day. It is easy to use, not complicated and most importantly, works! I gladly am recommending it to my team!
~ Kassie Wright, British Columbia, Canada

“I’m a musician, a real estate investor and a teacher, and I found that this product is really fun, creative and very easy to use. It’s user-friendly, and very intuitive and I really look forward to using it more.”
~ Mary Comtois, New Jersey, USA

“I absolutely love the Vision Guider. I made my first CD in a very short time and I enjoyed the results. Every screen and button were very easily understood. I think your product is fantastic.” I really enjoy using it! Thanks again for the fine work.”
~ Jim Lullie, Florida, USA

“I am incredibly impressed with how simple and easy it is to use. It is indeed most refreshing that it’s so simple to get into, and use in an effective manner, especially compared to many other software items that I encountered in the area of computational flow dynamics, technical work. So, I think this is a product that will be of tremendous benefit to a lot of people.”
~ Jim Scott, Ohio, USA Professor of Aerospace Engineering

“My clients & I are passionate about your Vision Guider. They are achieving their goals quickly and easily. By visualizing and listening to their affirmations they are creating inspiring, motivating results. They are so happy and comment on how the Vision Guider is such a powerful tool that creates their goals and dreams. It’s fabulous.”
~ Margie Cerato Victoria, Australia

“The Vision Guider is excellent and very easy to use.”
~ Rosemary Little, Cornwall, UK

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